Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 5- Blue Nails/ LOTD / Weight

Hello, today is going OK as well as the rest of yesterday went much better.
Although, I was pretty grumpy until the evening when I saw my kids.
 Well, as you can see I washed my hair and the
water took forever to run clear. But, its still red.
My shirt has black and silver glitter. I matched my eye make up.
Its more sparkly, but, I couldn't get a good picture of it.
I used a mix of different shadows by Maybelline and Urban Decay. Glitter liner in silver by Urban Decay and 24/7 black liner.
Maybelline lip stains.

My nails today
Candeo Divebomb over Zoya Charla and Color Club Cold Metal

I didn't weigh in on purpose bc of my bad weekend. I plan on weighing again on Friday. I will share it then.

DAY 9-53 days until the Halloween party

Meal 1
1 cup brown rice, banana, and ground beef mixed.
1 cup of coffee

Meal 2
3/4 cup brown rice, banana, and ground beef mixed.
2 string cheese
Handful of organic almonds

Meal 3
2 slices of Turkey breast and 1/3 tomato
1 cup of ground 97% lean beef and 1/4 brown rice

50 min cardio (40 min stairmaster and 10 cooldown on treadmill)

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