Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 15- Delicate Print

Day 15
Delicate Print
I really like Pure Ice Busted polish. I used 1 coat Essie Playdate as underwear, which is a pretty delicate light purple. I put 1 coat Pure Ice Busted. Top coat Out the door. Then I topped with stickers to make the delicate print. Stickers are now my crutch for nail art. It is important to wait until your nails are completely dry before placing the nail stickers on the nail. If you put them on your nails with the nail polish the slightest bit wet, the sticker will lift the polish off and mess up your manicure when you try to adjust the sticker. I have made this mistake a few times. I think my nails are dry, but the stickers told me otherwise. Also, you need to press the sticker on your nail by rubbing it a few times to make sure no air is between the nail and sticker.  I also suggest the least amount of polish on as possible because you need to put 3 coats of top coat after your base polishes. 1 coat before the stickers and 2 after you add them.

Essie Playdate is currently my favorite light purple polish. I recommend getting it if you have a blank space in your light purple/pink creme collection. Here is a quick review on it from Adore-a-polish.
Pure Ice-Busted is a lot prettier than the picture I am showing you.
Here is a picture from Nightly Nails
Here is another review on it over black. Click here to see that post by Moar Polish.
I prefer it over lighter colors, like the pictures shown.

Thanks for reading. I am headed to a UGA (University of Georgia) game, so I don't have much time to post more. Yay for the weekend!

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