Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smitten Polish I Want It Now

Look at this beautiful polish by Smitten Polish.
I bought this from a blog sale.
I am so glad I did!
I Want It Now is a green jelly based polish with
 tiny green, turquoise and black glitters.
This is 2 coats.
It dried pretty quickly.
The wear time was decent.
It barely needed top coat, 
but I added it just to make the mani last longer.

Below is a picture I snapped in my car. 
There wasn't any sunshine, so the overcast shot is all I could show you.

And below are some nail mail and shopping I did.
The three top polishes are holos by the indie maker
I have yet to swatch them. 
But, I plan on wearing them when the sun shows again.
The bottom three polishes I found at Rite Aid.
They didn't have names, but are all labeled "Mardi Gras"
The blue one is a dupe for OPI Simmer & Shimmer, 
The Multi color on is almost a dupe for OPI Mad as a Hatter.
And the Hot Pink one is a pretty polish I liked, lol.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

China Glaze Dorothy Who? and LA Girl Brilliant Blue comparison

Hey again!
Here is another comparison post.
These 2 polishes do not look the same in the bottle.
They also do not look exactly the same on the nail.
However, they are similar.
China Glaze Dorothy Who? is a thin jelly blue 
based polish with micro silver and blue glitters.
LA Girl Brilliant Blue is a chunky scattered particle
 jelly polish in a deep blue.
The differences?
Dorothy Who? is a glitter polish that looks great in the shade.
Brilliant Blue is a pretty polish in the shade,
 but has so much depth in the sun.
The formula on Brilliant Blue reminds me 
of Picture Polish Monroe and Kryptonite.
You can see below the top picture is in the sun 
and the one below is in the shade.
Both have great formulas and wear time.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zoya Storm LA Girl Black Illusion comparison

Hey! I have a couple of polishes to show you for comparison.
Zoya Storm and LA Girl 3D Effects Black Illusion.
I put 2 coats of each.
Both went on with out any issues.
The dry time on both was great.
Wear time was the same.
They are practically exact duplicates.
Do you need both?
The formulas as well as the look are exactly the same.
I could not tell them apart in real life and you can see the same
in the pictures.
You can purchase LA Girl 3D Effects at Rite Aid drugstores for $4.80 plus tax.
I purchased all the colors but the pink and silver.
I plan on posting more comparisons with the 
LA Girl 3D effects.
I hope this post helped you.
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Glitzology Starry Night

 Hey!  After wearing Kiko 401, I wanted to add some glitter on top. 
I like to add polish on top of an old manicure
 because it is easier and gives me a direction to go 
in with my next manicure. I have so many untried polishes, 
I usually sit there staring at the lot of them not knowing what to wear. 
I picked Glitzology Starry Night (obviously, lol)
I own a few polishes that look similar to Starry Night.
The closest would be Girly Bits Smurf Dance.
 If you have Smurf Dance, you probably don't need this polish.
But, if you don't. This is an alternative.
Smurf Dance has white glitters, where Starry Night has silver glitters.
Starry Night is a glitter bomb polish that can be worn as a top coat
or worn alone in 3 coats.
I wore 2 thin coats over Starry Night over Kiko 401.
Starry Night is in a clear base with micro silver glitter,
 small cerulean blue glitters, and silver holographic glitters in star, 
diamond, hexagon and square glitters.
The formula for Starry Night wasn't as thick 
as the other polishes I own by this company.
 You can see below the holographic glitters when I blurred the picture.
 Tons of different shaped and sized glitters inside.

 I liked how the polish looked in the shade more than when it was in the sun.
As you can see below, the lighter base color does not compliment the blue glitters in Starry Night.

Below I tried Starry Night over LA Girl Brillant Blue (Deep Blue color)
I think it looks MUCH better over a dark blue.
The dark blue base allows the cerulean blue glitters to add depth
and gives the illusion of a "Starry Night".
In conclusion, if you do get this polish, 
I suggest trying it over a dark blue than the glitters are in the polish.
Glitzology is currently on vacation due to her back injury.
She isn't exactly sure when she will return.
But, you can favorite her store and request an email notifcation for her reopening.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Kiko 401

Kiko 401 (3 coats)
Top coat

Hey! Today is another holographic polish. 
This one was given to me by a sweet lady from Italy for my birthday.
It was a wish list polish.
So, of course I wanted it because of other reviews 
and swatches that I have seen and read.
Most of what I read said the formula was great.
For me, this polish had a funky formula.
What I mean by that is, it is thick, 
like Color Club holo (Worth the Risque).
The holographic pay of is about the same
 as the older Color Clubs, too.
However, it was streaky and seemed like 
it should have been opaque in 1 coat.
But, I kept getting weird patches. 
I even waited 10 minutes between coats.
The last 2 coats were just to try and cover
 the weird patches I had.
Because the formula is thick,
 it took a long time to dry with 3 coats.

The color of this polish is gorgeous though. 
Its "Peacock Green", but its more like a medium light blue 
with hints of green at certain angles, but mostly just blue.

You can see in my pictures that I took them in different degrees of sun.
The top photo is in direct sunlight.
The below photo is through my dark tint in my car window with sun light.

Below is another photo of Kiko 401 in direct sunlight.

Below is Kiko 401 in the shade.
Sorry for the blurry pic.
 And on Saturday I went to Magnetic Music Festival.
 I wore neon skittle nails.
 And by the way DJ Flux Killed it!
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ludurana Holo Skittles

 Supremo(purple), Superiror(yellow), Magnifica(blue), & Maravilhosa(pink)

Hey! Here are some quick holo skittles.
It is a very pretty day here in Atlanta.
So, I had to wear some holographic nail polish to celebrate, lol.
I received these lovelies in a swap from Brazil last April.
I used 2 coats for each color. 
No top coat in the pictures, although I did add some later.
The top coat did not seem to dull the effect.

I noticed with holographic nail polishes there are 3 main types of formulas.
1. Super sheer (takes a lot of coats to reach opacity, about 5 or more)
2. Jelly-like formula that is opaque in 2-3 coats max.
3. Metallic-like formula that is opaque in 1-2 coats max.

These are #2.
 They have a wonderful jelly like formula that goes on smooth and dries fast. 
They each have a strong scattered holographic effect and a slight linear effect.
I love them.
I am very happy to have each in my collection.

You can buy these at 
They are $10 each on both sites.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picture Polish Kryptonite and Birthday Pictures!

Picture Polish Kryptonite (2 coats)
Top coat

Hey, I wanted to show you a polish I received
 from a sweet lady for my birthday swap present. 
Picture Polish Kryptonite is a dark green jelly polish with chunks of
holo like sparkles. 
The sparkles show in the sun, as expected. 
But, it looks gorgeous in the shade as well.
You can see in the above and below pictures 
how the particles are obvious in the shade. 
I have Picture Polish Monroe and the formula is the same.
I really really love this polish's formula.
 I'm on my 3rd day without any tip wear!
Thanks again Amy for sending it to me :)

Below is in the sun.

Here is my make up for my birthday celebration
Night 2.
I wore Urban Decay shadows from the 15th anniversary palette.
My lips are a lip stain by Maybelline.
I curled my hair with a curling wand the night before
and just touch up some of the curls for this night.

My dress is Bebe and my shoes are Steve Madden

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Orly High on Hope and Birthday Pictures!

Orly High on Hope (2 coats)
Top coat

Hey! I am still pretty under the weather. But, I wanted to post something!
Here is Orly High on Hope.
Its is from the 2013 Spring Hope and Freedom Collection.
 There are 6 colors.
I purchased 3 of them, High on Hope (shown), Elation Generation (pink jelly with glitter)
 and Melodious Utopia (yellow shimmer).

High on Hope is a navy jelly with pink shimmers inside
 that have a slight duo chrome effect.
I put 2 thin coats.
The dry time was good and so far the wear is good.
It is cloudy here in Atlanta, so no sun pictures.
However, I think High on Hope looks better in the shade.

And below are some of the pictures from my birthday celebration.
I went out 2 nights.
This is night one.

I wore a Holt dress that made me feel so pretty.

My make up is Urban Decay Theodora palette.
My lips are Maybelline lip stain in a red color.

My nails for the night were Color Club Revvvolution.

Above is with flash.
Below is in direct sunlight.
You can see Revvvolution has a scattered holo effect.
It takes 1-2 coats for full coverage.
With top coat, the stay time is pretty decent for a holo.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nubar Prize and My New Hair

Its been crazy for me this week.
 Please excuse my lack of posts.
I caught a cold and allergies kicked in at the same time.
I have been having a yucky feeling birthday week.
I received a bunch of birthday wishes that warmed my heart. 
I will post more about my week below.

On to the polish!
This is Nubar Prize. 
It is from the Nubar Prism Collection released in 2010.
I bought this beauty off of
Nubar Prize is pink toned red with holographic glitters.
It took 3 coats for full coverage.
 It also dries gritty, so 2-3 coats of top coat is needed.
I put 2 coats in my picture. 
But, a 3rd coat would be needed to be completely smooth.
The wear time was great. 
I had some tip wear after a few days.

I wore Jade Vermelho Surreal on my toes.
 It is a red holo that reminds me of a blood tint.
In this picture it looks really bright red. 
In person, it looks a bit different.

My new hair! I trimmed it to frame my face better 
and did a bit of a dark red to light red ombre.

Here are some flowers a good friend of mine suprised me with!
She is so sweet :)

And here is my cake my hubby surprised me with :)
Isn't it adorable!?
He switched the digits for my age, lol.

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