Sunday, March 30, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Sparkles are a Girls Best Friend

Hey there!
 I forgot to post my Valentine's Day manicure. 
I took this picture before clean up, so please excuse the messiness.
Anywho, as stated, the beautiful holographic polish
 is Colors by Llarowe Sparkles are a Girls Best Friend.
SAGBF is a saturated hot pink color an. 
The formula is spot on and stay time is good.
I used Essie Blanc for the 3 center fingers 
and added stickers and decals that 
had hot pink accents after that was good and dry.
I added 2-3 coats of top coat to make the stickers and decals smooth.
I loved wearing this!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Emily de Molly Seeing Red

Emily de Molly Seeing Red- 2 coats and top coat.
I saw this polish on Pinterest and 
thought it might be the most beautiful red ever.
It is pretty, however weak in the holographic department.
So, I am not loving it mostly because of that.
 However, it is still a beauty indoors and outdoors.
There is a pink hue in this red polish like many other "Red Holos."
It is on my swap list now.
 I also purchased High Distinction and 
wasn't as wowed as I thought I would be. 
However, I liked it more than this polish overall.
The wear time was good and the application was a breeze. 
It is just my personal preference that has be not loving it. 
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Joss In a Violet Haze

Joss In a Violet Haze
Oh Joss, how you make magic in a bottle. 
This is 2 easy coats of In a Violet Haze. 
Such a beautiful white iridescent holo glitter flakie polish!
 No filter, bathroom lighting.
Do you see this? 
Gah, you have to get this if you like unique polishes and sparkle. 
I purchased this from
I also took some sun pics, but they do not do this polish justice.
The picture below is also a bathroom picture.
This is in doors during the day.
Below is the sun picture.
Sorry I have been away. I am still taking pictures of my nails.
Just been slacking on posting them.
I appreciate you stopping by!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Paper Moon

Colors by Llarowe Paper Moon 2 Coats, no top coat.
Hello there.
 Here is the holotastic Paper Moon in all her glory. 
The light purple color is not original and in fact is probably a dupe 
for Color Club Eternal Beauty and/or Jade Fascinio Violeta 
and/or Dance Legend Cosmic Rainbow.
 I own all 4 and do not plan on getting rid of any of them, lol. 
I should do a comparison post though. 
Back to Paper Moon.
 The application was easy with 2 coats. It dried and stayed the usual time for this brand. 
I ordered this during on of Llarowe's many restocks.
I did order a bunch of her spring line 
linear holo polishes and should be receiving them soon. 
Thanks for stopping by :)
So pretty!