Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Nails

Happy New Year's Eve :)
I did a quick manicure with some budget polishes.
I love the result.
The base pink color is Tickled Pink by Wet n Wild.
The glitter is Color Club Gingerbread.
It took 3 coats for the Tickled Pink to be completely opaque.
2 coats for Gingerbread.
3 coats of top coat to make it completely smooth.
As I have mentioned before, I am in love with 
Color Club's 2011 Beyond the Mistletoe Collection.
Gingerbread has tiny bits of glitter in a clear base.
The glitter colors are mainly gold with a bunch hologram glitters.
The great thing about that is it picks up the pink and looks like 
there are pink glitters.
I hope you have a safe and awesome New Year's celebration.
I know I will!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jade Mystic Gold

This gorgeous import from Brazil is called Mystic Gold.
I got this as soon as it was released last year in the Spring/Summer.
Jade holos are jelly-like and apply like butter.
The stay time is great as well.
The gold tone is like what you would think of 
when a 100% gold bar was handed to you.
To me, Jade can do no wrong in terms of holographics.
You can purchase this color as well as the many other
colors available at...

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Born Pretty Holo #10

Hey! Here is a holographic polish I ordered online
This is 3 coats of holo #10.
The teal color is very pretty and reminds me of Jade Energy.
Although, the formula on 10 is runny compared to Energy.
It took almost a month for me to receive my order I made in September.
I think the color is pretty and the holographic payoff is great.

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 Below with flash.

 Below is in the shade with natural lighting.
Sorry for the messiness! But, you can see the true color here. Lovely.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Nails, Again!

Hey there!

Here are some more Christmas nails with stickers.
This time I used Milani Red Glitter, Orly Here Comes Trouble (green glitter),
and OPI Sky Slope Sweetie (white gold).

After all that was dry, some top coat and an extra coat on the glitters.
I added some stickers from eBay and a couple more coats of top coat.

I really like OPI Sky Slope Sweetie by the way!
It was opaque white in 2 coats with a wonderful gold shimmer.
I recommend adding it to your collection if you 
are like me and love good polishes.

Nothing really wow about my completed manicure.
But, it was cute enough for my son's Christmas party at school :)

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Isn't he adorable?!
They made a couple of crafts and that was about it for the Christmas Party! lol

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Milani Silver Glitter

Hey there!
Here is a quick post of a manicure I wore to a Winter White Party.
I started with 1 coat of Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.
Pure Ice Silver Mercedes is a wonderful metallic silver polish
that can be purchased at Wal-mart for $1.99,
although I am not sure it is still available.
After that was dry I used a make up sponge and painted on 
Milani Silver glitter to soak up some of the clear polish.
I didn't want nails that would take forever to dry,
so this is the alternative that I like to use.
I saw someone suggest it in a nail group on facebook earlier this year.
I forgot who, sorry.
After painting it on the sponge and then dabbing it 
as I desired on my nail I then added a couple of
coats of top coat to get the smooth appearance.
I loved wearing this manicure, very blingy.
You can probably still find this polish at places that 
sell Milani cosmetics.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Nails

Hey there!
I hope your week is going well.
Mine has been awesome.
I attended a Winter White Party on Monday with
my husband and friends that was in support of cancer research.
It is always fun to party and help a good cause.
Anywho, here is a quick manicure I did using a few different polishes 
and adding some Christmas stickers I bought from eBay
that came from China.
I hope to show you more Christmas manicures before 
the big day.
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hits Samba

Hits Samba 3 coats with matte top coat.
Flakie polish?
 I know, holographic is what is all the rage now (again)
and I am one of the ragers.
 But, lets take a moment to remember 
one of the past fads, flakies.
Using matte top coat helps see the awesomeness in flakie polish.
And that is why I used it.
I think this particular polish looks like jewels and has depth.
I bought this from a blog sale, but I am sure you can find this
Thanks for stopping by 
and I hope your day/night is going well :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pretty Jelly Fairy Ring

Pretty Jelly Fairy Ring 2 coats
Hey there.
This is an indie holographic polish that claims to be linear, 
but is not. 
It is a pretty scattered holographic polish that covers in 2 coats.
I did have some chipping after the first day.
I purchased all the colors she had 
available at the time in the mini sizes. 
Since I prefer a strong holographic effect,
 I was disappointed.
However, that is just preference.
This is my favorite of the bunch I did purchase.
I have seen that others were very pleased with their Pretty Jelly holos.
If you would like to try it out click HERE.
Full size is $10, mini size is $4.25.

The color of Fairy Ring is more like the picture below in real life.
A sort of olive army green with punches 
of lighter green showing through
in the sun.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

China Glaze Gamer Glam

China Glaze Gamer Glam 2 coats.
This is from the 2011 China Glaze Spring Tronica collection.
This collection had a subtle scattered holographic effect.
I showed you Techno Teal from this collection before.
I really like this color and the stay time was decent.

The color is very similar to
but the application
of Gamer Glam is thicker, 
more metallic like and not as runny as those two.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Smitten Polish Electric Lime

Hello again!
This is another stunner from the indie maker
Smitten Polish.
Again, let me say how amazing her holos are.
The saturation of color and linear holographic payoff
are just to swoon over.
Love it. I purchased this along with a handful of other
holographic polishes during a preorder.
I dare say this is my favorite of all them.
Besides how it is gorgeous in sun, its fabulous in the shade.
Please see below for a shade picture.
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