Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monster High Nails over Nfu Oh 61/ LOTD

Hey there. I have some nail decals by RLR Creations to show you.
These are custom decals I ordered from her earlier this month.
(Just like any decal, they are put on like temporary tattoos
 after the nail polish has dried.) 
(Above and below pictures are in a light box)

I also tried Nfu Oh 61 for the first time.
First, let me talk about Nfu Oh 61. I received this beauty in a swap. I swapped 3 Color Clubs for this one polish. To me it was a good swap :) I bought the Nfu Oh Aqua Base in a blog sale last month. So, I have finally tried the 2 togethter. I put 1 thick coat of Aqua Base on and let that dry. It didn't seem to take that long to me. I have read other people noting that it took awhile. I put it on and played a quick game on the the computer, so I didn't notice it taking long. After the Aqua Base was dry I put 2 coats of Nfu Oh 61. It went on really easy and looked great!
Below is a picture of it with only the Aqua Base and 61.
I also read that top coat dulls the holographic effect.
Here is a picture below to show what it looked like after clear top coat.

To me, it made the holographic effect more scattered.
 I like a strong holographic linear effect better.
But, it is still pretty.
I used different decals on each hand.
Below is a picture of the Monster High Skull indoors with flash.

Below is the right hand with Monster High character decals indoors with flash.

Below is the right hand with Monster High character decals in sun light.

My 7 year old  daughter is a huge fan of Monster High. I ordered these decals for her, but her little fingernails are too small :( So, I am making use of them, lol. I like the cartoon myself. I haven't sat down and watched an entire movie. But, the bits and pieces seem adorable.

And lastly my LOTD

I didn't wear green today! lol. My husband requested that I didn't, so I wore his favorite color (and mine) BLUE.
I used Milani Shadow Eyez in Aquatic Style and a crease accent of Urban Decay Chaos. I like the look. It is very vibrant, so I wore a neutral lip.
 No foundation or powder.
Thanks for reading :)

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