Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Nails- Weight Update

Things that go bump in the night!
Hits Zues
Hello! I was really short on time to do my nails. My husband went out of town. We run our business together and, of course, our house hold together. Since he was gone, I had everything on my shoulders. The busy business, 3 homework filled kids, 2 extra large dogs, 1 needy cat and my nails. LOL. Life is good and busy. :) Anyway, back to the nails. My nails all recently broke off. I am sure you can see the nubs. I removed my gel nails in July and the damaged part finally all grew out. For my theme I thought a nice holographic nail polish would help spice up the nubbins. Since the theme had to do with night, it had to be a black holo. This is my first time trying Hits Zeus. It went on easy in 2 coats. I should've went with 3 coats seeing these pictures though. The formula is like a jelly holographic polish, if that makes sense. The above picture is in a lightbox and the below picture is outside. The holoness is not that strong on the nails. Well, not on my nails anyway. It would probably show up much better on long nails...
like almost any polish would, lol.
I added some Halloween themed stickers and 2 coats of top coat.

Also, we had a Secret Pumpkin Swap between some of us ladies in a group.
Below is what I received from a sweet girl from Denmark. Her name is Stinna.
She got me lots of goodies! The new GOSH holo! Butter London Bluey!
Those are my first of each brand :)
She also got eyeshadow, lip balm, cuticle sticks, false eyelashes, nail sickers, nail strips, nail revitilizer, bath soap, a cute card, and TONS of candy! She really spoiled me. I use the lip balm and cuticle sticks multiply times a day.

I haven't posted about my weight in a while. So, here it is!
I have lost a total of 10 pounds.
 I have NOT been working out :( I have been doing a handful of sit ups, push ups and squats here and there. Nothing I would deem a workout. BUT, I have been careful of what I eat and how much I eat. Which you can see in my weight. Halloween is coming TOO FAST and I am pretty sure I will NOT reach my goal. But, I would like to lose 4-5 more pounds in the last 8 days. Just so my gut isn't as noticable in the costume.

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