Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Halloween Challenge- Trick or Treats

Hello! I am a couple days late on starting this challenge. 
Better late than ever!
I started with a 1 coat of WnW Black Creme then added
 1 coat of Up Colors Viagem and then put 1 coat of fast dry.
 After it was dry I added the stickers then
 topped it off with Warpaint Beauty Matte.
Flakie polishes pop better with a matte top coat in my book. 
I would have rather put some ghost or skeleton stickers, 
but the challenge asked for candy.
Up Color Viagem is a great flakie polish. 
You can see all the flakes from just 1 coat.
Up Colors Viagem a 2! is red, gold and green flakies in a yellow base.
See below for the color shifts.

I stopped by a beauty supply and picked up some goodies for low prices.
From Left to Right....
Ruby Kisses-Cast a Spell, Ruby Kisses Mardi Gras, NYX Moon Walk, NYX Enchanted Forest, Kleancolor Metallic Green and NYX Luscious Green.
The Ruby Kisses were $1.99, NYX $1.49 and Kleancolor was $1.

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