Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Glitter over Orly Sweet Peacock

Hey again. I have 2 untrieds for you today.
Orly Sweet Peacock, a blue foil, and Pumpkin glitter in blue and fuchsia.
Orly Sweet Peacock goes on like a dream and does not need a top coat. The pumpkin glitter I bought at Rite Aide for $1.99. The brush was all screwy and I had to trim it. No biggie. The glitters in the Pumpkin polish match Orly Sweet Peacock perfectly. This is why they were paired together. Not very Halloween-y, other than the bottle is a jack-o-lantern, lol. I added matte top coat to see how it looked because it was so shiny it was hard to focus on my nails. I like it matted much better. See the pictures below.

Below is the look Matted.

Below is a picture of the combination without matte top coat.
2 layers of Orly Sweet Peacock, 1 layer of Pumpkin Glitter and 1 coat of fast dry Out the Door.

Below is a close up of Orly Sweet Peacock
 with 1 coat of the Pumpkin Glitter. 1 coat of Out the Door and then 1 coat of Warpaint Beauty Matte top coat.
It is hard to tell in the picture that it is matte.
In person, this manicure looks like it sort of glowing when matted.
 Hard to explain.
I like it a lot better matted.

Below is a close up of this gorgeous polish alone. 2 coats.
Orly Sweet Peacock.
Orly is one of my favorite polish brands.
 Large 18 ml bottles, great polishes, decent price.

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