Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Freestyle- Hello Kitty- LOTD

Del Sol Trick or Treat and OPI Extra-Va-Vagnza
Hello Kitty Halloween Nail Decals
Hello! For this manicure I started with Del Sol Trick or Treat. Del Sol Trick or Trick is a color changing polish that goes from orange to black!
That review made me hunt this polish down, lol.
I put OPI Extra-Va-Vagnza on the tips.
OPI Extra-Va-Vagnza is from the 2010 Holiday Burlesque collection.
OPI Extra-Va-Vagnza is orange base glitter bomb with pink, blue, green and silver glitter accents.
The color of the Del Sol Trick or Treat matches my skin tone in a not good way. That was my only complaint. It sparkles so much though and I love how it changes in the sun. See that picture below.
I also love these decals I bought from RLR Creations!
The are just the right size and are adorable.

Here is a picture below to show it in the sun. The longer the polish is in the sun, the darker it gets. This picture was about 45 seconds in the sun. You can see some of the holographic glitter in this picture.

Here is the looks below without the nail decals.
I put the glitter on the tips to spice up the orange.

Urban Decay-Vice (deep purple) and
Noise (Hot Pink) blended with
Anonymous (matte beige)and
 Urban Decay glitter liner in silver.


  1. Your makeup is always amazing! Perfect! I love it! :D

  2. Very cool polish! I hadn't seen it before! And beautiful LOTD!

    1. It is a cool polish. It's the only Del Sol I have in my collection. Thank you :)