Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black and Gold- Go Bears!

Hey again! I wanted to do a quick post of my nails showing
 some decals I had specially made.
I ordered them from RLR Creations.
I sent her a couple of pictures and she had them ready and to me in about a week. They were about $2.25 per page of 20 decals. I ordered a lot of other styles I am sure I will share with you later. But, back to this manicure.
 I also received Different Dimension Black & Gold that I wanted to pair up with my nail decals. So, I painted my nails black and put 1 coat of Black & Gold on top. Black & Gold is a "black jelly base with ultra fine holographic gold glitter and gold glitter dust all throughout!"
Nail decals do not show up on black. So, I painted white circles on the black nails and then after that was dry, I added the decals. Then I got a small brush and painted black around the edges to cover the white to make it appear the decals were only on black. After all that was dry I put some clear top coat on.
I love the result. My son's team went up against one of the best teams in our county and lost 14-27 :*(. But, they did great in the second half and had fun.
You can see my son and husband (who is a coach on the team) in the above picture. I am so proud of them.
Here is a picture of him in action, he is number 2.
They have pink shoe strings and pink socks on for
 October's breast cancer awareness month.

Below is one of the rings I have been wearing lately. 
Its a feather peacock design with crystal accents.
Love it!

Here is some nail mail.
I received these from Different Dimension when she had a 50% off sale.
I wore the Black & Gold above.
 I will be sure to wear the other beauties soon :)

Black & Gold, Rainbows & Butterflies, and That is SO Fetch!


  1. Whew at first I thought Go Bears was for Chicago! These decals turned out great!

    1. Lol, no way Laurie. I am not a Chicago Bear fan. Thanks, I am glad I ordered the decals. I should've gotten them earlier in the season.