Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Challenge- Black Cat / LOTD

Hey again :) I am happy with my black cat nails. I was going to freehand a fence with a cat on it with the moon in the sky...but, I thought an up close and personal face would be better. I just googled "Black Cat Face" and used a real cat's eyes to use as a reference. I added the nose to include my lonely thumb, lol.


I don't know if its the new shampoo I am using.
 But, my hair is super curly all of a sudden. Its usually just wavy, but its crossed over to curly now. So, I had to flat iron it. Frying my hair is not something I like to do unless I am going out with friends. But, I couldn't have that curly mop on my head today. I wore a BEBE shirt my mom bought for me a long time ago (7 years!). Still fits great and looks new. Win Win :)
Jessica Simpson Jeggings for my pants, which are my FAV pants.
Sooooo comfy. I have short legs and a big behind. Her jeggings fit me perfect.
I am wearing some boots I bought at Marshall's last year for about $19.
My face is all Urban Decay.
My lips are Maybelline 10 hour lip stain in Fresh Fuchsia.
Does it stay on for 10 hours? Maybe if you put it on and didn't move for 10 hours, lol. For me, I put it on probably 3 times during a 10 hour period. This includes reapplying after I eat. I think that is awesome.