Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Challenge- Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin
Hello! I decided to do two challenges since this is my favorite month of the year AND its not everyday. Here is the first of the challenge, Halloween Pumpkin nails. I started with my base coat of Orly Nail Defense, 1 coat of Elmer's school glue. Let that dry. Then I put 1 coat of Ruby Kisses Peach on Fire. I noticed when I use the glue technique for glitter polishes, it works better if I have a 1 coat of a solid color (non glitter) in the peeling off process. So, after that has all dried I added 2 coats of OPI Bring on the Bling and 1 coat of Out the Door fast dry top coat. I waited about 20 minutes to make sure that was good and dry. For one thing, if you add stickers to a slight  wet nail polish, it will be a mess. The sticker will look like it has sunk in, you can't move it without messing up your manicure, it will take 5 times longer to dry. Basically, don't add the stickers/decals until its good and dry. After all that I added 2 more coats of fast dry top coat to help the stickers stay on longer and give it a smooth feeling.

Below is a picture of it blurry to show how blingy the polish is.

Below is a picture with flash to show the details of the stickers.
I bought these stickers off of eBay for cheap. 

I also went back to Spirit Halloween to pick up a couple of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers nail polish that my daughter lost. It hurt me to buy them again, when I just bought them a couple of weeks ago...but, I didn't want to go without them! On the left is Once Upon a Time and on the right is last year's Black Magic.
I will be sure to wear these soon :)