Friday, August 30, 2013

Island Girl Aloha Luau and Big Island Volcano

Here are 2 Island Girl polishes that were given to me as gifts.
I put 2 coats of each and a coat of top coat.
The colors are so pretty.
The formula was decent, a little patchy, but resulted evenly.
I am happy to own both.
You can take a trip to Hawaii or Las Vegas to purchase this brand.
Thanks for stopping by!

Island Girl Aloha Luau dries matte, but looks better with top coat to me.

I took all these pictures with my phone in direct and indirect sunlight.
You can see the tiny bits of shimmer in both of the polishes if you look closely.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ninja Polish Chameleon

Hey again!
Here is another Ninja Polish today.
This is also from the Dragon Collection.
Ninja Polish Chameleon is shown in 2 coats over Zoya Jem.
I put 2 coats of fast dry top coat to smooth out the surface 
as well as speed up the drying process.

Lets talk about the polishes I used.

Zoya Jem was the perfect choice for undies.
It is from the Fall 2011 Mirrors Collection.
It is a jewel toned plum purple with gold shimmer and glows on the nail.

Now on to the star of show, Ninja Polish Chameleon.
I will be honest and say, I was not as excited when I first put it on.
But, when I got to my car and saw the obvious color changes.
I could not drive until I have snapped the pictures below.
Do you see the purple, red, orange, pink and even blue??

I purchased it for $11 at
This is currently out of stock.
But, you can sign up for emails for its return

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PS: I recently started back on being healthy and workouts. 
I lost 15 pounds in the month of August, which on my small frame, made a big difference.
It was by partying so much and barely eating, no very healthy.
However, I gained half of it back.
I am now working on toning up, especially my legs and butt.
And hopefully dropping a size or 2.
I will post updates at the end of future nail posts if you want to read them.

Last night I worked out for 2 hours...
I played 1 game of basketball.
I did legs with weights (squats, lunges, more squats with weights, and machines)
Then...(I was really pushing myself)
I did the Spartacus workout, 4 workouts, 10-20 reps, 3 times each.
I was dying during is hard.
Then I stretched out for 10 minutes.
I was so pooped, I could barely walk after all that! lol
I ate sushi for lunch, a health bar, a banana, and another health bar before bed.
I honestly, was too tired to eat.
I drank a lot of water though.
Today is a new day and I hope to get back in the gym for another hour 
as well as keeping my food intake clean and minimal.
My goal last year was to look good in my Halloween costume.
This year my goal is to look good in my 3 outfits for
Tomorrow World.
Tomorrow World is an outdoor EDM Music Festival that lasts for 3 days.
I will be sure to posts pics when that happens at the end of September.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ninja Polish Basilisk

I have one of the new Ninja Polish Dragon polishes today.
This is Ninja Polish Basilisk.
This glitter bomb has green, gold and hints of blue shifts in a clear base.
This is my favorite of the bunch.
My husband said "Looks like you have dragon scales on your nails."
He was so proud when I told him the name and 
that he got it right, lol.
I started with my usual base coats. Then,
I put 2 coats of Sancion Angel in a 
forest green color as the base color
then I put 2 coats of Ninja Polish Basilisk
and then 2 coats of fast dry top coat.
Currently, this polish is sold out.
But, you can sign up for restock emails and grab one

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The below photos were taken with my phone
in my bathroom lighting.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

China Glaze Sci-Fly By

Here is another polish from the 
China Glaze Hologlam collection
released earlier this year.
I have 2 coats over my usual base coats.
I did use fast dry top coat.
I had chipping after 1 day on my pointer finger :(

I was pleased with the look and the formula as it went on.
The holographic particles are very fine.

China Glaze Sci-Fly By has a linear holographic effect in the sun.
The bottle doesn't show much, it looks more like a metallic polish by first glance.

This blue reminds me of clear skies on a summer day, never ending blue.
I like it.

Again, these polishes can be found in Sally's Beauty Supply
in the clearance section and maybe in your 
local TJ Maxx for only $2.99.
Of course, the easiest find would be online.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

KIKO 643 and Swap package

Hey there!
I recently received a package from a swap buddy in Austria.
She was kind enough to find some of the new texture polishes for me.
This is one of the ones she found for me.
Kiko 643 is shown here in 2 coats.
The fresh spring green has gold shimmer accents.
The stay time was great.
 I wore this manicure for 2.5 days and
with no top coat or bonder base. 
It did not show tip wear much less chips.
 I have so many pretties that need love, so I removed it.
I loved wearing this polish.
I love how texture polish dries fast and looks
shimmery without top coat.

Below you can see the entire package I received.
She added a bunch of extras like
lip balm, lip cream, lip stick, face cream, nail glitter, and nail polishes.
She was a sweetheart to add all those items.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pahlish Little Caroline

Pink Wednesday is coming in a bit late.
This is Pahlish Little Caroline in 3 coats a lone.
Little Caroline is a bright pink jelly polish with iridescent flakie glitters.
I was not able to capture the color correctly in the soft box photos.
However, the photos I took with my phone on the bottom show 
the colors best as well as the glitter.
This polish is like Deb Lipp's Sweet Dreams' little sister.

You can visit Pahlish's store here...

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Monday, August 19, 2013

China Glaze Cosmic Dust

China Glaze Cosmic Dust

I applied 1 coat of Duri Rejuvacote and 1 coat of Orly Bonder,
 then 2 coats of China Glaze Cosmic Dust
and 1 coat of HK Fast Dry Top Coat.

Cosmic Dust was released in the
2013 spring/summer Hologlam collection.
Most of the people were disappointed in this collection.
I was not.
I think they were hoping for a Color Club Halo Hues type of holo.
These have their own place in the holo world.
I like the smoothness of these polishes.
They are metallic holographic polishes.
Cosmic dust is a blue tinted steel grey.
If you notice in my pictures, the holographic pay off is strong.
It is just not visible in the in bottles like most holographic polishes.
Every one of the Hologlam polishes are awesome 
in my book and worth the buy.
A lot are on clearance now at Sally's Beauty Supply.
Also, someone spotted them at TJ Maxx for $2.99 each!
I would suggest grabbing these if you can.
I will probably get a few more back ups if I run across a good deal.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hits Speciallita New Wave 368

Hey there! I haven't shown a red in a while.
Here is Hits Speciallita New Wave 368.
This is a densely packed small red glitter polish in a red jelly base.
I put a base coat of Color Club Berry and Bright and then
1 coat of Hits New Wave. 
I did not need the base coat.
Below is showing this.
Above is shown with another coat of Hits New Wave.

The red is more on the orange side, which makes me think of Christmas decor.
This polish reminds me of Rudolph's bright red nose.
Or like Dorothy's sparkly red slippers.
This polish is exactly what I wanted when I bought it.
A bright red glitter bomb that goes on with ease and 
catches the eye with all the bling.

As can be expected with glitter packed polish, it required about 2 coats of 
top coat to smooth out the slightly textured surface of glitter.

Hits New Wave 368 comes from Brazil.
I believe I bought this from a blog sale.
But, it is available at...
for the low price of $5.
There are also many other pretty colors in this collection.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nail Craze Stamping with Ciate Jewel

I recently received my order from Nail Craze.
I ordered 2 plates, NC01 and NC02.
This is NC02.
The plates are $7 each at her etsy store.
or you can order them at

I used my usual base coats then 2 coats of China Glaze Sci-Fly By.
I stamped with Maybelline Navy Narcissist.
Then on my nub middle finger I added 2 coats of Ciate Jewel.
I am at the beginner stages of stamping.
This is probably my best result.
Thanks for stopping by!

Look at these shoes!!!
They were made for guys, but this lady wants to find them
for herself in a boys size 5.5
Currently, they are on eBay for like $200-$300.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dance Legend New Messiah

Hello fellow polish lovers!
Here is a wonderful holographic polish by Dance Legend.
This is called New Messiah, number 7.
I started with 1 coat of Duri Rejuvacote and then 1 coat of Orly Bonder.
Then I applied 2 coats of Dance Legend New Messiah
and then 1 coat of HK Girl Fast dry top coat.
I am very impressed by all of the Dance Legend 
holographic polishes' formulas. 
They go on with such ease and dry quickly. 
The color on this one is very unique for a gold.
New Messiah is a light champagne gold that has a glow-y effect
in the shade and low lights.
You can see this in the 3rd picture below.
I wore this manicure for a couple of days, then I decided to
practice my newbie skills on stamping.
I used Color Club Revvvolution to stamp with a zebra print.
Personally, I think it looked better without the stamping.
But, it was practice and only lasted one more day.

You can buy these for about $13 at these online stores...

I bought mine for color4nails and she shipped quickly!

The price does seem a little high, but the quality is there and
with the polishes only taking 1-2 coats for full coverage, I think 
they are worth every penny.

You can see the strong holographic linear effect in the picture above.

This picture above shows it in low light, see the dreaminess of this gold?

And my attempt at stamping is there, lol.

I bought some super cute shoes while school shopping for the kids.
I needed a reward! lol
The holographic BOBS shoes are so comfy!
Super stoked to add these shoes to my collection :)

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Treasures by Tan Purple Rain

Hello again.
Another Treasures by Tan 
Purple Rain is a sheer light dusty purple that has shifts of pink
as well as holographic particles.
This polish is pretty in the shade as well.
I have shown 3 coats in these pictures. 
I was surprised by how much I liked this polish.
It is classy, girly but pretty at the same time.
As you can expect, this polish would be
 perfect for layering as well.
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Treasures by Tan Kinky

Hello fellow polish people!
Pink Wednesdays
Here is a indie brand called Treasures by Tan.
She made a jelly holographic polish line this summer.
(click to see her store and the collection)
The prices are reasonable, $9.50 for a full size 15ml.

I thought I would give her a try and bought 3 colors.
This is Kinky.
Kinky is a sheer jelly holographic polish that reminds me 
of the Jade holos, but more sheer.
The color is a really pretty hot pink tone.
These pictures required 4-5 thin coats.
The coats dried fast, so it was not a hassle.
Especially after I added fast dry top coat.
Excuse my middle finger, I recently had a break :(

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hits Bubbles and Blossom

Here are 2 polishes I received over a year ago in a swap from Brazil.
She surprised me with these.
At the time I was really into holos and multi chromes 
and did not fully appreciate them.
I let my daughter do her nails a few times with both.
I finally got around to wearing them and LOVE them.
I have read a few other people weren't impressed 
with the formulas, brushes, or colors.
But, I have not one complaint.
They went on great with 2 coats.
Stay time was good.
The shimmer gives each color depth.
Maybe the formula was a little thick, but that could be
because my daughter did not tighten the top
well after she used them.

These are 6ml for $5.50 each at ninjapolish.

Anyways, the blue one is Bubbles, which is labeled Lindinha.
and the pink one is Blossom, which is labeled Florzinha.

I took both pictures with my iPhone.
(Below is a picture with over cast sunlight)

(below is with flash)

Here are a list of some of the other colors that were released at the same time in 2012.
In this collection, I also have Elemento X.
I have yet to try it, but when I do, I will be sure to show you :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fingrs Nail Stickers Zebra

Hey there!
I found some closeout nail stickers at a local grocery store.
They were about $2.20-$2.80 each.
I posted a picture below of all the stickers I bought.
I was not about to pass this up.
I tried the cheapest one first.
I was going on a business trip for a week and needed
a no hassle manicure for as long as possible.
First I made sure my nails were clean and then
put 1 coat of Duri Rejuvacote, then 1 coat Orly Bonder
and then added the stickers according to size.
Very simple.
After the stickers were on, I added 2 layers of 
fast dry top coat and wrapped the tips.
I think the fact that I wrapped the tips ensured the
longevity of the manicure. Every other day while I was out
of town, I would add a coat of fast dry top coat and wrap the tips.
This manicure lasted 5 days. It could have lasted 2 more days,
but I was sick of the same manicure.
There was no damage to my nails under the stickers.

Also, I still have enough stickers to do another full manicure.
So, this means I got a 5 day manicure for $1.10!
Mommy like ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Revlon Scandalous

Hey there.
I wore Zoya Julieanne before and wanted 
to use it as a base for the next mani.
This is 2 coats of Revlon Scandalous 
over 3 coats of Zoya Julieanne.
After all that, I used 2 coats of top coat
 to smooth out the glitter.
I like the result.
Thanks for stopping by!