Thursday, December 13, 2012

e.l.f. Glamour Girl and e.l.f. Gold Star

e.l.f Glamour Girl (1 coat)
e.l.f. Gold Star (accent nail, 1 coat)

Hey there. I have on 2 of the elf polishes
from the 2012 holiday nail polish set.
My awesome Secret Santa included this set in one of my boxes.
I swatched all of the colors and they are better than
 I thought they would be.
If you can believe it, the color I have on (Glamour Girl) is just 1 coat.
And the accent nail is also from the set, it's called Gold Star.
I dabbed it on and spread out the glitters to my liking.
Glamour Girl is a light brown nude packed with gold shimmer.
It is such a classy nude.
 Gold Star is a clear polish with medium and tiny gold glitters.
 Gold Star is meant to be a top coat only.
This is a great gift to receive or give.

I will post about my diet and stuff at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy the pictures :)

I broke my middle finger's nail after I took these pictures :(.
Now on my right hand I have!
1st world problems, lol.

Anyways, I was good all day yesterday with my food.
I ended up eating/drinking...

9 cups of water
3 boiled eggs lightly salted
1 large cup of coffee sweetened by Truvia and fat free creamer.
1 California roll
1 chicken breast

I did not do any exercises, so I didn't consume that much to compensate.
I did weigh myself because I know I usually lose a couple of pounds the first day I start eating better.
I do this to encourage myself to keep going
I will try not to weigh myself again for at least 5 days
 since the results won't be as much the next few days.

I was 130.8 yesterday and this morning I was 128.6.

My goal is to be healthy looking and not flabby.
But, if I have to put a set weight and size it would be
112-117 lbs and size 0-2.
That was my size when I turned 30 in 2011.
Remember, I am only 5'1.5.
So, don't think that I am trying to be really skinny.
Here is a chart.
According to this chart a low weight for me is about 106.5
and a target weight is about 123.5.
But, this whole thing isn't about weight,
its more about me eating and feeling healthy.
 I will be more active than the average person is, which I think the chart was made for.

Here is a picture of me in February of 2011.
This is basically where I'd like be back at...
just a little more toned in the thighs and back side than this,
but you get the idea.

Thanks for reading!