Friday, December 21, 2012

Color Club Sugarplum Fairy

Color Club Sugarplum Fairy (3 coats)
no top coat

Hey :) Today has already started off CRAZY.
My husband woke me up at 3 am complaining of
 severe chest and stomach pains.
This is the same hubby that has the flu and strep throat.
So, we go to the emergency room and are cleared to leave around 8 am.
He has some issues with his gallbladder that need to be tested to find out exactly what the issue is.
It may or may not be related to the flu.
I drop him off and go to work.
This chica is tired! My kids are home sick, too. I'm glad I am not sick.
 What would the world come to without moms taking care of everyone? lol.

Anywho. This is one of my very very favorite glitter polishes. Let me tell you why!

1. Cheap! You can get this for under $4 a piece or if you are lucky you can find the whole collection at a Marshalls or Burlington Coat Factory for $8.
2. The holographic glitter is soooooo pretty.
3. You don't need top coat!
 It dries completely smooth and builds up fantastic.
4. Can easily be worn alone.

Sugarplum Fairy is from the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe 2011 Holiday Collection.

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