Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zoya Kissy / Weight Loss

Zoya Kissy (3 coats)
Top coat (2 coats)

Hi! I wanted to wear another one of my gifts from 
my Secret Santa, Marissa. This is Kissy by Zoya.
 Kissy is from the Gems & Jewels Holiday 2011 collection. 
This is a unique glitter that has red, pink, purple and silver holographic glitters in tiny and bar shapes. 
The bar glitter in this polish is perfect and doesn't stick out at all. 
I wore it alone in 3 coats, but next time 
I will wear it as a top coat over a similar color. 
Great addition to any collection of a glitter lover :)

I don't have that many followers. So, of those followers I doubt many have read through all my posts about losing weight. I lost some weight in September and October, about 10 pounds. But, since then I have gained 6 pounds back. That is entirely because I have been lazy and stuffing my face with junk. I know the problem and now I am getting off my ass and fixing it. I am not getting any younger and life is too short for me to just settle. Being healthy is my goal, not being skinny. I suffered from an eating disorders from age 14 to 30. This last year I stopped damaging myself from binge eating and purging and I am very proud of that, but I also need to keep bettering myself. There are other things I am setting my sites on besides my appearance and health, like playing the piano and different hobbies. Enough rambling...thanks for reading :)

I took my vitamins as well as drinking lots of water.
This is what my vitamins have in them. They are organic.
Here are the daily value percetages of my vitamins.
I am sure you know not all vitamins are created equal :)

This is one Vitamin I take that is made from Veggies.
Vitamin A (100% Beta Carotene) 50%
Vitamin E 100%
Folic Acid  70%
SelenoExcell Selenium (Yeat Bound Selenium) 286%

This is the other Vitamin I take that is made from Fruits
Vitamin A (100% Beta Carotene) 50%
Vitamin C 167%
Vitamin B6 250%
Folic Acid 30%
Vitamin B12 1667%


  1. I had Zoya Kissy in my collection forever, and I never wore it and ended up getting rid of it - now I want it back! Nail Polish Problems, right?! And I enjoyed reading about your weight loss. Last year I decided it was time to eat healthy and cut all junk and worked out everyday and ate only 1200 calories a day. It seems kind of nuts, but it worked and I had never felt better. I only lost about 10lbs, but I gained a lot of muscle and tone to my body and I had never felt better (back to my High School body, haha). But now, I'm pregnant and had to cut all of that nonesense out for the most part. Keep up the good work, and persistence pays off! It's so hard to stay on track, especially during the holidays - but you can do it :)

    1. Hi Heather! I know what you mean about the nail polish problems, lol. I am sure you have a few polishes to keep you busy until another Kissy crosses your path :)
      Thanks for sharing your experience with health and diet. Grats on the pregnancy! I was planning on trying for another child next summer. Hopefully I will be like you and keeping up my healthy eating during pregnancy :p

  2. This mani is super gorgeous! I also am trying to work on my weightloss, since I suffer from PCOS, it is a slowwwww and painful process but totally achieveable, it was nice to read your post and a lot of times motivation really helps, so keep up the good work and I can't wait to keep reading how it is all going for you and even motivates me to stay on track!

    1. Thanks Norelis :) I really need to stick with being healthy. It used to come sceond nature to me. But, last January I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had 2 herniated discs. I wasn't able to walk for a few days. After that, I pretty much gave up the gym bc I was so scared of hurting my back again. But, I have to keep my weight down and my muscles strong in order for that not to happen again. Plus, I want to fit in my cute clothes again :P