Monday, December 10, 2012

Nailtini Sparkler

Nailtini Sparkler (2 coats)
Top coat (2 coats)
Hey again! I am excited about my post today. First off, lets talk about the polish. I received this as a gift in my Secret Santa swap. WOW! My secret Santa really knows my taste. I had never heard of this brand before...where have I been? The bottle is so cool, slim and posh. This glitter bomb was good in 2 coats. It was a bit top coat hungry, but not too bad. There is a mix of wine colored glitter and accents of light green, silver and holographic silver glitters. I am going to post below the amazing gifts I received from her.
In the meantime, enjoy the picture spam :)

And below is what my amazing secret santa gave me!
I love every single item.
She killed a lot of lemmings and I am forever grateful.
Thanks for reading!