Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ruby Kisses Mardi Gras

Ruby Kisses Mardi Gras (1 coat)
Color Club Fashion Moment (3 coats)
Top coat (1 coat)

Hey again. I wanted to wear some untrieds.
I started with a Color Club no name that came in a set I bought at Marshalls.
After googling some pictures I found out it is called Fashion Moment.
Color Club Fashion Moment is from the 2012 Fall Collection.
It is a very dark purple creme.
 I don't really care for the formula. It was patchy for a creme polish.
 But, it worked out after 3 coats.

Then I added Ruby Kisses Mardi Gras.
 I bought this glitter polish at a beauty supply for under $2.
Mardi Gras is a clear based polish with small blue and purple glitter and silver holographic bar glitters.
It is ideal for layering, but can be worn alone in about 3-4 coats.
 Although, I think it would be much better as a top coat.
Dry time was great and the formula was perfect.

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  1. I've never heard of this polish - but it sure is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks. Ruby Kisses is a brand that is carried in beauty supply stores. They a run about $1.50-$1.99. I love them. Every RK polishes I own I like a lot.