Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weight/Fat Loss Journey-DAY 3 / RED HAIR / Make up

Hello! I just got my hair dyed red.
This is the first time I have had my whole head red or any color besides my natural black.
 I went to BeSpoke salon off of Roswell Rd. in Atlanta. 
Amanda did a great job.
I'm digging it.

This is my make up today.
Maybelline Lip stain in Fuchsia and Urban Decay eye shadows.

Weight Loss stuff
I have been doing well with the eating healthy. I have refrained from munching on any unnecessary foods and drank a lot of water. I have also kept myself getting on the killed me to walk by it this morning and not jump on, lol. I will wait until Friday I think...
Meal 1
Special K cereal and almond milk (same as before)
Meal 2
I was soooo freakin hungry after sitting at the salon
 for 5.5 hours to get my hair done. 
So, I stopped by this cool healthy food place in the Roswell area...I can't remember the name of the place. Anyway, I ordered a spicy Thai chicken wrap. I literally inhaled it and totally forgot to take a pic, lol.
Meal 3
Baked chicken breast and black beans

I am so pooped today! But, I promised to do a workout everyday. 
So, I did a total of 50 push ups and 100 sit ups and called it a night.

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