Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HUGE Swaps from Brazil!

This amazing swap was with Melina from Brazil.
It was done in April. Thanks to Stephanie for introducing us. I think I need to send her a thank you for hooking me up with such a wonderful friend :)
This is my second swap that I received in July from Melina.
Do you notice that we do it big? LOL


  1. Melina is the best :D What's the Up Color in the first swap next to the Mari Moons? It looks duochrome?

    1. Hey Simona :) The Up Color is called "Cromoterpia" and it is from the "Multicores" set. It appears to be burgundy with a shift to gold and copper. I haven't worn it yet though.

  2. omg! dema! you're sooo sweet!
    you and simona both *-*
    you two area great friends and swap buddies *-*