Thursday, August 9, 2012

Autumn On My Mind

Hello! My kids just started school August 6th.
This makes me think of my favorite season, Autumn!
It still hot as heck here in Georgia, but, I still get excited thinking about fall colors and most of all Halloween.
I wore one coat China Glaze-Riveting and one coat of this Korean nail polish #256, the name of it is in Korean, sorry I can't read it. That is the picture above.

I was browsing Etsy and came upon these pretties from Coco Allure
"Autumn Leaves" is a BEAUTIFUL glitter polish that can be worn alone. 
But, since I had the above orange on already, I topped it just to see how it looked. And on the other hand I tried "Bootiful". 
It is soooo Halloween with the Black, Purple and Orange glitters. 
It is also an awesome glitter. 
These are the only polishes I have from Coco Allure.
 I will be sure to get more polishes from her in the future. 
The pictures below are without the top coat.
 After the top coat they were even more pretty.
This was a rush mani and 
I think they look so much prettier when I take more time.
Thanks for reading!

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