Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weight/Fat Loss Journey-DAY 4 / LOTD

Hello! Today started off pretty good. I walked by the scale without a second thought about weighing myself. My kids were super sweet this morning. I got to work early. You know, the way good days go, lol.

My husband has been so sweet with the compliments about my hair and make up. This is what I wore today. My favorite lip wear by Maybelline. This lip stain color is Cool Coral (but its red, lol) And the usual Urban Decay eye shadows from the 15th annivesary palette.
I really like my hair and I am glad my love does, too.

The vitamins I take.
They are made from organic vegetables and fruits.
It says to take 2 each day.
The fruit one has a lot of
Vitamin C (167%) Vitamin B6 (250%) and Vitamin b12 (1667%)
amoung other goodies.
The veggie one has a lot of
Vitamin E (100%) Folic Acid (70%) and Selenium (286%) which is a powerful antioxidant mineral.

I said that I would post my before pictures. I forgot to take them on Monday. I remembered on Wednesday, so this is after losing a few pounds.
They are scary! I did not fix my hair and make up in the pic, which is OBVIOUS, lol. I wanted it to be as natural as possible. So, here it is...
I took this picture on the 28th, but I forgot to post it.

I know, I am not over weight. I never claimed to be.
But, I am out of shape. Especially for my standards.
My starting weight of 135 is the most
I have weighed in 6 years, after I gave birth to my son.
 And my "fat" jeans were getting really tight.
I refuse to buy bigger sized clothes when I can just shape up
 and wear the clothes I already own.
I do not want anything having control over me. And it was.
When I am out of shape like this, I am a lot less social. My group of friends care about their physical health (as well as many other things) and I felt like a failure to hang out with them when I was being such a lazy bum.
Am I being over critical? Sure, I am. But, if I cannot expect the best from my self, how can anyone else? I know I am capable of it, so what am I waiting for? Well, anyways...enough of the rambling.

Below are my meals for the day...

 DAY 4-59 days until the Halloween party
Eating healthy is pretty easy for me since I know what to eat and have all the items readily available. And when I have the mind set that food is fuel. If I am not using a lot of fuel, I don't need a lot of food. I don't list my drinks, because its always water.

Meal 1
3/4 cup of cottage cheese and fresh mangoes

Meal 2
Left overs from dinner last night.
Baked chicken breast and black beans.

Meal 3 
Tilapia with spicy seasoning and broccoli 


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