Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OPI-The One That Got Away / Red Hair / Make Up

Today's mani is not my favorite. But, it'll do for the day, lol. Its gloomy outside here in Atlanta, so I didn't wear holo polish (I really wanted to wear a Jade today). Its supposed to be rainy all week....Oh well. This is OPI The One That Got Away (2 coats) topped with (1 coat ) OPI I Lily Love You and (1 coat) OPI Teenage Dream.

This does remind me of something I haven't told anyone besides my husband. I plan on dying my hair this color. My hair is really long and I don't want to cut it. I actually want to grow it longer. However, I do want something different. That leaves the color. My husband really liked it when I had red highlights. I figured that would be the color I would go for since fall is approaching. Here are a few pics of the color I hope to get.
My hair is about as long as the lengths in the pic. I love Demi Lovato's hair. We both have similar skintone, face shape and length of hair. I thought the red looked great on her, so I hope it translates the same on me. I plan to go tomorrow to get my hair dyed. I will post pics :)
This is a pic of me from about 3 weeks ago.

Here is today's make up
I do not have any foundation or powder on. 
I usually just wear eye make up, blush, and lipgloss on a daily basis.
I am sure you know about how utterly
 awesome Urban Decay eye shadows are to wear.
But, did you know how cool the Milani eye shadow sticks are? I bought them at CVS for about $6.49 each. I really recommend these! 
The gloss is so so. I would not push anyone to buy it.
But, it gets the job done.
My blush is NYX. I can't remember the color. It was about a dollar. I have been looking for a good blush. This one is doing the job until that search is over, lol.

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