Saturday, August 25, 2012

Using Elmer's Glue to remove glitter nail polish

I LOVE glitter nail polish. But, I HATE removing it. 
I used to use the foil method (wrapping each finger and a acetone soaked cotton ball for ten minutes), then I saw the nail soakers and used those for ten minutes in place of the foil. 
But, I saw somewhere to try regular school glue to remove the glitter. 
So, what the hey, why not? I have 2 kids in elementary school.
 And because of that, glue was laying in my junk drawer.
 I used my usual base coat of Orly nail defense. Then I put some in an empty nail polish bottle and painted two coats on each nail. After it dried clear, I put on the usual glitter nail polish regimen. And below is how it looked. As you can see the nail polish came off in sheets. But, only because I picked it off. Not because it came loose. I really recommend this removal process.
Its cheap (2 for $1 at Wal-mart), easy (just put it on and let it dry), and easily accessible to buy (buy it anywhere that has school supplies).
I used one of the glitter bombs Nail-Venturous's Floam!
Thanks for reading!