Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Spiderweb Nails / LOTD

I have a cheat manicure for you today.
I started with red nails.
 But, I wanted to wear these press on nails since it was Halloween.
These are the cutest design I saw. I bought them at Walgreens.
 The silver spiders have tiny holographic glitter accents.
Below are more pictures to show the packaging.
Wear time? Hours, not days. At least with the adhesive
 it come with doesn't last for days.
 Maybe if I used super glue they would last longer.

Urban Decay Primer
Milani Green Safari shadow eyez, Urban Decay Deep End and Vanilla blended in.
Urban Decay Deep End on lower lash line.
Black liquid liner and mascara.
Milani 3D Glitzy Fashion Diva lip gloss.
My nails were Ruby Kisses Red Slippers (before the press ons)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Skeletons / LOTD

Hey there! I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm today.
Its a bit chilly here in Atlanta, GA.
Crazy weather for the people on the upper East coast.
I think the worse is over for them.
But, of course they are still in our thoughts.

Anyways, back to the silly things in life, like nail polish and make up.
I have been itching to use some of my
Color Club Take Wing polishes that were released for Summer 2012.
They are all vibrant and sparkly! Glass flecked polishes are always a favorite with me. Here is the orange one of the collection, Sparkle and Soar.
 It is a sheer golden orange polish that takes about 3 coats for opacity. I knew this before I started, so I used 1 coat of Ruby Kisses Spicy Apricot, which is a darker orange polish than Sparkle and Soar.
Spicy Apricot is almost opaque in 1 coat and was a perfect to match with Sparkly and Soar. Then I used 1 coat of Color Club Sparkle and Soar.

I received a stamping plate from my Secret Pumpkin (Stinna from Denmark).
I wanted to try it out and you can see behind the white skeletons the black circle pattern I attempted, lol. After all that was dry I put some cute skeleton stickers on top I bought from Ebay. 2 coats of top coat.
I noticed this morning a couple of  the little guys lost a hand, lol.

And below is 1 coat Color Club Sparkle and Soar over
1 coat Ruby Kisses Spicy Apricot
 with WnW Black Creme tips.
 I used circle stickers as an outline to paint the tips on. 
They aren't perfect, but good enough :)

Urban Decay shadows
Tainted (Light Pink), Junkshow (Hot Pink), Omen (Duochrome Purple) and Vanilla (Cream)
I also used Omen on my lower lash line.
Milani Lip Gloss
Black liquid eyeliner and mascara.

A beauty group I am in deemed this week "Candy Week".
So, this is my spin on a 'Candy Look'.

Monday, October 29, 2012

China Glaze Mummy May I / LOTD

China Glaze Mummy May I
Awakening Collection-Halloween 2010

Pink/purple/fuchsia glitter in a dark purple jelly base.
The pictures are 4 coats!
I really suggest a black or dark purple underwear
 and then 1-2 coats of Mummy May I.
I kept getting bald spots. I also had small tip chips after 1 day :(
Those are my 2 complaints. But, I still love it! I added some dancing cat stickers just for fun.

My eyes are Urban Decay primer.
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Asphalt and Urban Decay in Ace and Vanilla.
Black liquid liner and mascara.
Nude lip.


My Halloween Look 2012

Howdy Ya'll! This was my look for Saturday evening.
 I was at an all adult costume party, so don't worry! lol.
And no, I am not naked, the tan color top and bottom are too close to my skin color. I didn't think about that until people were pointing it out. Oops. Anyway, as you may or may not know this was my goal date to have lost the extra fat/weight to fit into this costume. I did not fully succeed in my goal, but I got close enough. The fringe on the side of the vest helped cover any extra "me" and it was dark. I think I can call it a success :)
For my face I used Urban Decay Naked foundation 4.0 and Chanel powder. My eyes are with Urban Decay Primer potion, Urban Decay shadows are Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Deeper and Vanilla. My liquid liner is Lancome, glitter liner is Ruby Kisses and I have false eye lashes on. My lips are Maybelline 10 hour Stain in Cool Coral. Below are some more pictures of me in my costume.
I also put the pictures of my costume on the model and my start weight pictures, where I am 10 lbs heavier.

And here is the costume on the model, below.
Below is me a few days into the healthy kick at 131 on August 28, 2012.
 I orginally started at 135.2 and I got down to 124.6.
So, that's a little over 10 pounds. I wanted to get down to 118ish. But, its not like I still can't do it!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Club Fashion Addict / LOTD

Hey! Quick post of Color Club Fashion Addict. The new holographic nail polishes are out (Halo Hues) and no one is showing love the old school holos by Color Club (that I have seen). As you can see, Fashion Addict is a scattered holographic polish. Fashion Addict is a pale pink polish that looks pretty outdoors, but not so much in doors. Below are pictures to show my meaning. I wore 2 coats in the pictures, no top coat. Although, another Color Club holographic polish I have worn (Worth the Risque) top coat did not dull the holographic effect. This is my first time trying Fashion Addict. I have had it for 10 months, BAD polish momma, lol.

This is indoors no flash ^
Kind of ugly, honestly.

This is outdoors in the shade ^
See, not so pretty.

The sun makes this polish 100% better, lol.

And my LOTD
Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4.
 Crystal (light blue grey), Gunmetal (Dark Grey), and Zephyr (Cream) shadows and the black liner and mascara that's included.
Happy Friday! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monster High Nails over Nfu Oh 61/ LOTD

Hey there. I have some nail decals by RLR Creations to show you.
These are custom decals I ordered from her earlier this month.
(Just like any decal, they are put on like temporary tattoos
 after the nail polish has dried.) 
(Above and below pictures are in a light box)

I also tried Nfu Oh 61 for the first time.
First, let me talk about Nfu Oh 61. I received this beauty in a swap. I swapped 3 Color Clubs for this one polish. To me it was a good swap :) I bought the Nfu Oh Aqua Base in a blog sale last month. So, I have finally tried the 2 togethter. I put 1 thick coat of Aqua Base on and let that dry. It didn't seem to take that long to me. I have read other people noting that it took awhile. I put it on and played a quick game on the the computer, so I didn't notice it taking long. After the Aqua Base was dry I put 2 coats of Nfu Oh 61. It went on really easy and looked great!
Below is a picture of it with only the Aqua Base and 61.
I also read that top coat dulls the holographic effect.
Here is a picture below to show what it looked like after clear top coat.

To me, it made the holographic effect more scattered.
 I like a strong holographic linear effect better.
But, it is still pretty.
I used different decals on each hand.
Below is a picture of the Monster High Skull indoors with flash.

Below is the right hand with Monster High character decals indoors with flash.

Below is the right hand with Monster High character decals in sun light.

My 7 year old  daughter is a huge fan of Monster High. I ordered these decals for her, but her little fingernails are too small :( So, I am making use of them, lol. I like the cartoon myself. I haven't sat down and watched an entire movie. But, the bits and pieces seem adorable.

And lastly my LOTD

I didn't wear green today! lol. My husband requested that I didn't, so I wore his favorite color (and mine) BLUE.
I used Milani Shadow Eyez in Aquatic Style and a crease accent of Urban Decay Chaos. I like the look. It is very vibrant, so I wore a neutral lip.
 No foundation or powder.
Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Glitter over Orly Sweet Peacock

Hey again. I have 2 untrieds for you today.
Orly Sweet Peacock, a blue foil, and Pumpkin glitter in blue and fuchsia.
Orly Sweet Peacock goes on like a dream and does not need a top coat. The pumpkin glitter I bought at Rite Aide for $1.99. The brush was all screwy and I had to trim it. No biggie. The glitters in the Pumpkin polish match Orly Sweet Peacock perfectly. This is why they were paired together. Not very Halloween-y, other than the bottle is a jack-o-lantern, lol. I added matte top coat to see how it looked because it was so shiny it was hard to focus on my nails. I like it matted much better. See the pictures below.

Below is the look Matted.

Below is a picture of the combination without matte top coat.
2 layers of Orly Sweet Peacock, 1 layer of Pumpkin Glitter and 1 coat of fast dry Out the Door.

Below is a close up of Orly Sweet Peacock
 with 1 coat of the Pumpkin Glitter. 1 coat of Out the Door and then 1 coat of Warpaint Beauty Matte top coat.
It is hard to tell in the picture that it is matte.
In person, this manicure looks like it sort of glowing when matted.
 Hard to explain.
I like it a lot better matted.

Below is a close up of this gorgeous polish alone. 2 coats.
Orly Sweet Peacock.
Orly is one of my favorite polish brands.
 Large 18 ml bottles, great polishes, decent price.

Feenix Halloween Party over SH Midnight in NY- Matted

Hello! I wanted to show you this awesome polish by Feenix. It is called Halloween Party. Halloween party is a glitter polish in a clear base. It is jam packed with orange, green and purples glitters in tiny and small glitters. I only used 1 coat of Halloween party in all these pictures. I started with Sally Hansen's Midnight in NY. Midnight in NY is a polish I got at Walgreens drugstore when they had the closeout sale on the complete salon manicure polishes for like $2 something each. I am SOOOO glad I did get it. I put 2 coat of this beautiful black and it was dry so quick! The brushes on the complete salon manicures are very wide,  which I like. If you scroll down you will see my close up pictures on Midnight in NY. It has tiny shimmers of gold, green and red. Maybe more, but they are so small its hard to tell. Anyways, I matted the above picture. I like it matted and I also like it shiny. Either way was fine to me. You can buy Feenix polish on
Below is the shiny version.

Below is a close up bottle shot. Tons of glitter! No headache applying and just needed 1 coat of top coat to smooth it out.

Below is the manicure matted with Warpaint Beauty Matte polish (I bought it at Hot Topic)

Below is the close up shots of Sally Hansen Midnight in NY.

My nub nail on my thumb with Sally Hansen Midnight in NY


Lips are Lancome Trendy Mauve lip stick. This is my go to neutral lipstick. It came in a gift with purchase. Love it. My eyes are a green shade again. I used a base of Milani Shadow Eyez Green Safari. Then I blended Urban Decay Vanilla (shimmer cream) on top to lighten the green color, since my shirt is a light green. After that I took Urban Decay Deep End (aqua teal color) and blended it in the crease. Topped it off with liquid eyeliner and masacara.