Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Club Fashion Addict / LOTD

Hey! Quick post of Color Club Fashion Addict. The new holographic nail polishes are out (Halo Hues) and no one is showing love the old school holos by Color Club (that I have seen). As you can see, Fashion Addict is a scattered holographic polish. Fashion Addict is a pale pink polish that looks pretty outdoors, but not so much in doors. Below are pictures to show my meaning. I wore 2 coats in the pictures, no top coat. Although, another Color Club holographic polish I have worn (Worth the Risque) top coat did not dull the holographic effect. This is my first time trying Fashion Addict. I have had it for 10 months, BAD polish momma, lol.

This is indoors no flash ^
Kind of ugly, honestly.

This is outdoors in the shade ^
See, not so pretty.

The sun makes this polish 100% better, lol.

And my LOTD
Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4.
 Crystal (light blue grey), Gunmetal (Dark Grey), and Zephyr (Cream) shadows and the black liner and mascara that's included.
Happy Friday! :)