Saturday, October 13, 2012

Phantom Frights Duo Polish- Black/Orange Glitter

Hello! I have a drugstore find for you. 
I bought this at Rite Aid for the lovely price of $2.99. 
It is a duo polish that has black polish and
orange/black glitter polish connected.
It does not have a name or even a number that I can see. The glitters are tiny metallic orange, small hexagon metallic orange and short bar glitters in metallic orange and black. I like short bar glitters much better than long ones. Simply because they don't stick out on your nails nearly as much.
 Also, they don't resemble hair strands like long bar glitter does.
I put 2 coats of the black on. It was a much better black polish than I was expecting. The brush size is normal, nothing special or bad. The glitter was a tiny bit thick, but I thought that was good. I just put 1 coat of glitter on. I think anymore than that would have been over kill. I like it a lot. Although, with the black base, I don't see the point of the black glitters...

I wonder what this glitter would look like over another color...hmm...let me take a quick pic and show you...
Now you can see the black glitters and the orange glitters are hiding, lol.
I put 1 coat of the glitter on over Kleancolor Metallic Mango.

I also wanted to show you my favorite lippy.
 I love Maybelline lip stains.
 Below is Maybelline Super Stay 24 in the color "Always Heather."
I drink water very frequently throughout the day,
 you can't even tell by the below picture.
My beauty tip is that when you are going to apply it again,
do not put it over the remaining lip stain. Make sure you wipe it all off softly (don't wipe it of hard or you will dry your lips out). Put a small amount of the lip balm that comes with it on and blot your lips.
Then put the lip stain and balm on as usual.
Otherwise, you get all this build up gunk. 
This particlar color goes well with
my skin tone (tan olive tone) and hair color (red).