Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crowtoes Thing and Zoya Faye

Zoya Faye (2 coats)
Crowtoes Thing accents (1 coat)
Top coat (1 coat)

Hey, I wanted to wear some more of my awesome gifts from my Secret Santa.
Here is Zoya Faye and Crowstoes Thing.
I started with Zoya Faye, 2 coats. Great formula on this baby!
Zoya says "Faye can be best described as: A bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones flooded with bright gold sparkle.  A unique gilded shade that will work in any season."
I have some pictures on the bottom of this post of Zoya Faye by herself.
I think the gold tones in Faye compliment my skin tone.
 Zoya Faye is from the Summer 2011 Sunshine Collection.
I really wanted to try Crowstoes Thing and decided on accenting Zoya Faye with it.
 Good move? I'm still undecided. But, its here for you to see :)

Crowtoes Thing was inspired by the Addams Family character "Thing".
The Addams Family is a TV series from the 1960s. 
He was the severed hand that moved around with its fingers.

Crowtoes Thing is much more attractive in my book, lol.
 Thing is packed with medium and small hexagon glitters
 in bronze, gold, blue, green, red, purple, orange, and silver with accents of gold square glitters.
The bronze colored glitters is what sets this multi color glitter apart from the many indie multi colored glitters. I LOVE it :) The formula was thick and was easy to apply by dabbing and spreading.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures!

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