Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pretty Jelly Fairy Ring

Pretty Jelly Fairy Ring 2 coats
Hey there.
This is an indie holographic polish that claims to be linear, 
but is not. 
It is a pretty scattered holographic polish that covers in 2 coats.
I did have some chipping after the first day.
I purchased all the colors she had 
available at the time in the mini sizes. 
Since I prefer a strong holographic effect,
 I was disappointed.
However, that is just preference.
This is my favorite of the bunch I did purchase.
I have seen that others were very pleased with their Pretty Jelly holos.
If you would like to try it out click HERE.
Full size is $10, mini size is $4.25.

The color of Fairy Ring is more like the picture below in real life.
A sort of olive army green with punches 
of lighter green showing through
in the sun.

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