Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Paper Moon

Colors by Llarowe Paper Moon 2 Coats, no top coat.
Hello there.
 Here is the holotastic Paper Moon in all her glory. 
The light purple color is not original and in fact is probably a dupe 
for Color Club Eternal Beauty and/or Jade Fascinio Violeta 
and/or Dance Legend Cosmic Rainbow.
 I own all 4 and do not plan on getting rid of any of them, lol. 
I should do a comparison post though. 
Back to Paper Moon.
 The application was easy with 2 coats. It dried and stayed the usual time for this brand. 
I ordered this during on of Llarowe's many restocks.
I did order a bunch of her spring line 
linear holo polishes and should be receiving them soon. 
Thanks for stopping by :)
So pretty!

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