Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Joss In a Violet Haze

Joss In a Violet Haze
Oh Joss, how you make magic in a bottle. 
This is 2 easy coats of In a Violet Haze. 
Such a beautiful white iridescent holo glitter flakie polish!
 No filter, bathroom lighting.
Do you see this? 
Gah, you have to get this if you like unique polishes and sparkle. 
I purchased this from
I also took some sun pics, but they do not do this polish justice.
The picture below is also a bathroom picture.
This is in doors during the day.
Below is the sun picture.
Sorry I have been away. I am still taking pictures of my nails.
Just been slacking on posting them.
I appreciate you stopping by!

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