Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Orly High on Hope and Birthday Pictures!

Orly High on Hope (2 coats)
Top coat

Hey! I am still pretty under the weather. But, I wanted to post something!
Here is Orly High on Hope.
Its is from the 2013 Spring Hope and Freedom Collection.
 There are 6 colors.
I purchased 3 of them, High on Hope (shown), Elation Generation (pink jelly with glitter)
 and Melodious Utopia (yellow shimmer).

High on Hope is a navy jelly with pink shimmers inside
 that have a slight duo chrome effect.
I put 2 thin coats.
The dry time was good and so far the wear is good.
It is cloudy here in Atlanta, so no sun pictures.
However, I think High on Hope looks better in the shade.

And below are some of the pictures from my birthday celebration.
I went out 2 nights.
This is night one.

I wore a Holt dress that made me feel so pretty.

My make up is Urban Decay Theodora palette.
My lips are Maybelline lip stain in a red color.

My nails for the night were Color Club Revvvolution.

Above is with flash.
Below is in direct sunlight.
You can see Revvvolution has a scattered holo effect.
It takes 1-2 coats for full coverage.
With top coat, the stay time is pretty decent for a holo.

Thanks for stopping by!