Monday, April 22, 2013

Kiko 401

Kiko 401 (3 coats)
Top coat

Hey! Today is another holographic polish. 
This one was given to me by a sweet lady from Italy for my birthday.
It was a wish list polish.
So, of course I wanted it because of other reviews 
and swatches that I have seen and read.
Most of what I read said the formula was great.
For me, this polish had a funky formula.
What I mean by that is, it is thick, 
like Color Club holo (Worth the Risque).
The holographic pay of is about the same
 as the older Color Clubs, too.
However, it was streaky and seemed like 
it should have been opaque in 1 coat.
But, I kept getting weird patches. 
I even waited 10 minutes between coats.
The last 2 coats were just to try and cover
 the weird patches I had.
Because the formula is thick,
 it took a long time to dry with 3 coats.

The color of this polish is gorgeous though. 
Its "Peacock Green", but its more like a medium light blue 
with hints of green at certain angles, but mostly just blue.

You can see in my pictures that I took them in different degrees of sun.
The top photo is in direct sunlight.
The below photo is through my dark tint in my car window with sun light.

Below is another photo of Kiko 401 in direct sunlight.

Below is Kiko 401 in the shade.
Sorry for the blurry pic.
 And on Saturday I went to Magnetic Music Festival.
 I wore neon skittle nails.
 And by the way DJ Flux Killed it!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I had totally missed this post. My Kiko is basically a one-coater and very easy to paint. I wonder since this is a discontinued shade and a lucky find.. maybe it needs some thinner? I'm so sorry :(

    1. Simona, no need to be sorry!!! I am so very lucky you sent this polish to me. I really think after trying the Shaka that it was me that was the cause. I think this polish doesn't work with my base coat. Or maybe I still had some oil on my nails. But, I do not think its the polish.