Friday, April 26, 2013

Glitzology Starry Night

 Hey!  After wearing Kiko 401, I wanted to add some glitter on top. 
I like to add polish on top of an old manicure
 because it is easier and gives me a direction to go 
in with my next manicure. I have so many untried polishes, 
I usually sit there staring at the lot of them not knowing what to wear. 
I picked Glitzology Starry Night (obviously, lol)
I own a few polishes that look similar to Starry Night.
The closest would be Girly Bits Smurf Dance.
 If you have Smurf Dance, you probably don't need this polish.
But, if you don't. This is an alternative.
Smurf Dance has white glitters, where Starry Night has silver glitters.
Starry Night is a glitter bomb polish that can be worn as a top coat
or worn alone in 3 coats.
I wore 2 thin coats over Starry Night over Kiko 401.
Starry Night is in a clear base with micro silver glitter,
 small cerulean blue glitters, and silver holographic glitters in star, 
diamond, hexagon and square glitters.
The formula for Starry Night wasn't as thick 
as the other polishes I own by this company.
 You can see below the holographic glitters when I blurred the picture.
 Tons of different shaped and sized glitters inside.

 I liked how the polish looked in the shade more than when it was in the sun.
As you can see below, the lighter base color does not compliment the blue glitters in Starry Night.

Below I tried Starry Night over LA Girl Brillant Blue (Deep Blue color)
I think it looks MUCH better over a dark blue.
The dark blue base allows the cerulean blue glitters to add depth
and gives the illusion of a "Starry Night".
In conclusion, if you do get this polish, 
I suggest trying it over a dark blue than the glitters are in the polish.
Glitzology is currently on vacation due to her back injury.
She isn't exactly sure when she will return.
But, you can favorite her store and request an email notifcation for her reopening.

Thanks for stopping by!

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