Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hello! Happy hump day :)
I had yesterday off so I am refreshed!
 Fall is in the air here in Atlanta...well it was 63 degrees,
 so that's cool for us, lol.
 I felt like wearing pink today and this is part of my look :)
My favorite cap that I bought in Florida on vacation, my shoes I bought on clearance at Payless last year for $5 and of course my Urban Decay shadows light pink (SWF) shimmery beige (Midnight Cowboy) hot pink (Junkshow). Loreal liquid eyeliner, Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara, Stila matte fuchsia lips with elf lip gloss. No foundation or powder. NYX blush.

When I woke up yesterday, I went to the doctor and she looked at my thumb. But, when I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine later that afternoon for the infection, there wasn't a prescription for me. I called my doctor's office dozens of times and went through all the options trying to talk to a real person and not an automated recording. No one answered and there wasn't even an option to leave a message. I called all the CVSs in my area to see if she sent the prescription to the wrong location, but none of them had something for me. My arm and hand are now aching and this is starting to scare me. I really just want to take my medicine and be done with it. My doctor's office is about 50 minutes from my work, so this is really a headache to try and get a hold someone there. My only option is to drive there. I cannot afford to take another day off, you know? Well, that is my only compliant.

After going to the doctor's I went to Wendy's restaurant to see if my nail polishes I bought on Sunday were still there. My daughter was holding the bag and left it on the counter :*(
These were the RIP Wet n Wild colors I bought....
I went back after 2 days and as expected, there wasn't a bag turned in :(
That bummed me out, so I decided to go to Target to do some shopping.
I love Target. I bought 3 pairs of shoes (I will post a pic of them later on, I LOVE each one of them)
and a few shirts, make up brushes (they have elf ones for $1!) some elf blushes (only $3!) and a crock pot.
After spending way too much money, I went home and took a nap.
Who doesn't love naps? lol.
Today I am drinking coffee out of my new favorite cup. Here is a pic of it when I was in Wal-mart.

It holds hot and cold drinks.

Today's challenge for nails is stripes.
Last night I attempted my manicure and messed up part of it. When I get home I am going to redo all of it.

Diet & Exercise
I am supposed to go after work to the gym.
I am eating a very low calorie diet to make up for not working out.
I weigh the same.

I will add more after work...

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