Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 11- Dots

Day 11- Dots
 Here is my dot manicure. 
I used OPI Princesses Rule! as the base
 (4 coats to cover my stained nails)and 
dotted on the white, grey and black. 
I tried to jazz it up with HITS Hefesto, lol.
 So, I messed this one up, too. I did not have time to redo it.

Update on my thumb.
 I went to the doctor about it and she said it looks like an infection, 
not a bug bite.
She took a sample and will get back to me in a few days on what kind. In the meanwhile, I am on antibiotics for 10 days to clear it up. She cringed when she saw it and said "Ewww" lol. She said it was good that I came in.

My Diet and Exercises
I have been avoiding working out. Simply because I am lazy. But, I did weigh myself this morning and I am at the same that's good, I suppose. I haven't been eating much...just not in the mood to eat.

Tomorrow is Stripes on the 31 day challenge. I have a good idea, lets see if it translate on my nails, lol.

Thanks for reading :)

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