Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 6- Lavender Nails / LOTD / Weight

Urban Decay shadows Minx (soft sage green) and  URB (shimmery green) and Half Baked (light golden brown) from the "We don't do animal testing...How could anyone?" palette.
And for highlight I used Urban Decay-Vanilla
from the 15th Anniversary palette.
Maybelline lip stain, forgot the color.
I darkened the outside of the picture because the background was a bathroom, lol. So, my hair looks darker than it is.

My nails today
KBShimmer-Lilac Dreams
Extremely pretty polish that is something every polish lover
needs if they like purple.

DAY 10-52 days until the Halloween party

I did weigh myself this morning, oops, and it was 128.2 :) Yay. But, I am eating well and working out hard after work. Hopefully, it will be lower.

Meal 1
Wheat English muffin with organic peanut butter

Meal 2
2 String cheese 1 handful of almonds 1/4 cup cottage cheese

Meal 3
1/4 Sweet Potato, Chicken