Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 27- Inspired by Art

Day 27
Inspired by Art
Hello! Today has been one of THOSE days.
 But, first lets get to the 31 day nail challenge. 
 I picked an easy, but fun, Sugar Skull nail decal 
that I ordered from RLR Nail Creations Art.
Check her out. She makes all the decals her self. 
I custom ordered some other nail decals as well. Miami Dolphins (to wear on Sundays with my hubby), Monster High (for my daughter when I do her nails), My little Pony (the original one, for me :), 
Pink Ribbon (for next month), and some Bat ones. 
Each are about $2 each,  free shipping. I will show you those later.
Anyways, I started with OPI My Private Jet. This is the non linear holo version, as you can see below. I still like it a lot. 
Then I added my FAVORITE multi color glitter by Candy Lacquer-Candy Store. Instead of red glitters like most multi colored glitter polishes have,
 it has hot pink glitters. The center finger I put white and then added the decal. 

I wore this serious color today because I had to go to court for a speeding ticket. I had to pay a hefty fine :*(
Then I find out that an order I made from a group order that was supposed to arrive 3 weeks ago is most likely lost. It was 2 BSJ Holographic polishes! Oh the agony! I ordered the purple one and the blue one. It seems out of the group buy I am the ONLY one who has a lost package. Talk about unlucky. 
The rest of my day was OK, just the dent in my pocket from paying the fine and the loss of my holographic goodies :*(


  1. Both gorgeous manis! Love the accent nail on the first one and LOVE MPJ! Sorry about your speeding ticket =(

    1. Thanks Jacqui :) I have learned my lesson on speeding :P