Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 22-Inspired By a Song-LOTD-Mail

Day 22
Inspired by a Song

Hey! Today's manicure is inspired by a song.
Tonight I am going to a friend's concert. His name is Rowdy B. There are a lot of things going on tonight. But, since we are trying to support his career, we are going to his concert. I picked on of his songs, High Life. I was in this video, so I thought it was fitting. I will post pictures of tonight for you guys tomorrow. You can see where my thumb is healing.

Last night we went to our friend Isa's birthday dinner. Here are some pictures from that. You can also see how I was inspired to do my nails...I had on a dress I bought from I love to shop from that website. Good selection, true sizes, fast delivery and nice service. My shoes are my favorite brand, Jessica Simpson. My jewelry is from my store. The girl with the long black hair next to me in the pictures is the birthday girl, Isa. She doesn't look 36, does she?

Today's mail!
The Vice palette. I am going to try it out tonight for the concert. I also got a back up mascara and and a lipstick in Pistol color.

Blue Christmas, Light it Up Blue (Glow in the Dark), Spectral Tiger (Glow in the Dark), Fight Like a Girl, Ectoplasm (Glow in the Dark)

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