Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 12- Stripes

Day 12-Stripes
Cheshire Cat
I painted this on my left had. I am left handed, so you can see how this was harder for me to paint with my right hand.
 But, its OK.
 What do you think?
My inspiration is from However, I do not see the blog anymore.

Here is her pic...

And from the Disney cartoon "Alice in Wonderland" 
The Cheshire Cat

These are the polishes and tools I used...

I said I would show you what I bought from are some pics....

These  are the shirts I got. $14.99 each for the Hello Kitty ones and I think $19.99 for the Vixen one. The Vixen one has lace on the shoulders. I seem to wear a lot of grey, lol.

I needed some cowboy boots for my Halloween costume and I am sure I will wear them on other days, too. Aren't they cute?!
The other 2 are Mossimo brand and the style is called Vivian.
 VERY COMFORTABLE heels. Great for pant suits. I think they came in 2 more colors...I can't remember which right now.

And while I was at CVS I picked up some Spoiled polishes. These are actually the only Spoiled brand I own. Checkin' into Rehab (Dark Purple with flecks), Are Mermaids Real? (Purple with gold flecks), Jewelry Heist (Glitter) and Shrimp on the Barbie (Pink with Gold Flecks/Shimmer). There are all $1.99 each. 
The 2 blues ones are from Different Dimension from etsy. The lighter blue one glows in the dark :)
I used a coupon I saw on Chalkboard Nails blog  where she reviewed her polishes.

Mellow Mauve and Fuchsia Blush for $3 each. They had 5 colors to chose from.
The eye shadow brush was $1

Thanks for reading!

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