Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 21-Inspired by a Color/ LOTD

Day 21

Hello! Today's challenge is "inspired by...a color". My color was going to depend on what I wore to my friend's birthday dinner. I decided on a little black dress (can't go wrong with that!). So, it was either going to be red polish or black polish. Those were the colors I was in the mood to wear. I was going through my stash at stopped at Impala-SPFW Na Mira 3D and decided to wear it over black. I received it as an extra in my Brazilian swap with my dear friend Melina. We are organizing our next swap (we have had 2 before, click here to see those swaps). I am excited. She is going to try to get the new HITS Hello Kitty polishes as well as some HITS glitter forte.

 I will try to take pictures of my whole outfit to show how it went together. 

 My make up today. I used Urban Decay shadows Fishnet (hot pink), Omen (Purple), Half Truth (dark purple), Vanilla (cream) and Zero (black).

I usually use the Lancome eye shadow palette with the light cream color as a base. I posted a picture of it below. My mascara and lip gloss are shown below.

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