Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 28-Inspired by a Flag

Day 28
Inspired by a Flag
Grand Finale
Naild'It Unique Polish

Hello! I just got back from the movies and had 
2 hours to do today's challenge and tomorrow's. 
I started with 1 coat of white and then striped red and blue polish.
 Then I topped with
 Indie-pen-dance Grand Finale Naild'It Unique Polish.

I also weighed in the morning. Here is the results...
The exact same as 8 days ago. 
I am proud. I haven't been eating as strict or working out.
I'm happy. I plan on buckling down after this weekend.
We are tailgating for the UGA game tomorrow started at 9am until the night, so that's why I had to do both days tonight. I'll post pics later.

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