Monday, September 3, 2012

Pic Spam of Week 1 Challenge

I joined some ladies on Facebook in doing a 31 day challenge for nails. I also made a page for the whole 31 days you can see on the top right of here. I hope I can keep up with these veterans, lol. Here is a picture that Sarah made. 

Here is what I did this weekend....

Day 1
China Glaze-Ruby Pumps, Milani-Jewel FX Red, Sation- Miss Popular and a Hello Kitty sticker.

Day 2
Orange Nails

China Glaze-Sun Worshiper and La Rosa-Deep Black Crackle

Day 3
Yellow Nails
Kat Von D-Sparklehorse, Maybelline-Avante Green, Zoya-Myrta, DDP-Pendragon.

Day 4
Color Club-What a Shock! and Lush Lacquer-Slime Time

Day 5

Candeo Divebomb over Zoya Charla and Color Club Cold Metal

Day 6
KBShimmer-Lilac Dreams

Day 7 
Black and White

And this concludes week 1 of the 31 day challenge :)

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