Friday, November 30, 2012

Sation Midlife Miss-Tress / Color Club Glitter Wonderland

Color Club Glitter Wonderland (2 coats)
with accents of
Sation Midlife Miss-Tress

Wow! I love this manicure. Glitter Wonderland is so pretty! It is a magenta purple metallic polish with tiny bits of blue and pink accents mixed in. It is supposed to be scented. But, I don't smell anything. Then again, I added more polish that may have covered the scent. Not sure. 
Anyways, I just bought the Sation Midlife Miss-Tress last night and thought that it would make a great glitter accent to Glitter Wonderland.
 I think I was right ;P
Sation Midlife Miss-Tress is a clear based polish packed full of fuchsia glitter in small and medium sizes. There are a few black and silver glitter accents that really make this polish even more awesome. The formula was thick, but perfectly thick for spreading on glitter. It dried smooth! I still added 1 coat of top coat since I added a star design on my ring finger. Hope you like it!