Friday, November 9, 2012

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly with Gingerbread / LOTD

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly with Color Club Gingerbread accent.
Ho Ho Holly is From the Color Club Holiday 2012 Winter Affair Collection.
I have worn Berry Bright and Gift of Sparkle from this collection already.
Ho Ho Holly has the same formula as Berry Bright, which is foil like.
It is a green foil, but with gold instead of the usual silver. I adore this shade.
It was opaque in 1 coat, but I added 1 more just in case.
I added some glitter accents from Color Club Gingerbread, which is from 2011
Beyond the Mistletoe Collection. Gingerbread is a gold glitter bomb with holographic, copper, and green accent glitters.
Please view all the pictures below.

Casual, I still feel under the weather.
My old guild from World of Warcraft got a world first yesterday.
Meaning they killed a new challenge type thing before any other group of people did...ever.
I know..."how nerdy"
But, considering that millions of people play and the guild is ranked #1 in the WORLD.
That's pretty damn amazing. I was one of the orginal members :)
Although, I do not play anymore.
I still stay in contact and my husband still has a lot to do
 with the guild (he runs their website, etc)
I am wearing my t-shirt and hoodie that reads "Blood Legion".
I have eye make up on from the drug store.
And if you were wondering (probably not), my character's name was Lola
 and I was an Undead Warlock, hehe.