Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lush Lacquer Oopsie Daisy.

Lush Lacquer -Oopsie Daisy (1 dabbed coat)
Pure Ice -A List (1 coat)

Hey there! I am trying really hard to get through
some over my polishes I haven't tried.
I bought this back in the summer and decided to try it out
 over Pure Ice A List, a frosty light blue.
I had to dab on Lush Lacquer Oopsie Daisy because it was so full of glitters they were dragging to the bottom of the nail.
 After all that I added 1 coat of top coat.
It could probably use another coat to smooth it out,
but I don't mind the texture.

The seller described the polish...

"Oopsie Daisy has a light blue polish base. This is one of our new favorites!!! It has opaque coverage and has a beautiful mixture of matte glitter... green, blue, coral/pink/orange, purple, red and last but not least, yellow daisies. It consists mostly of hexagons but has some daisy shape glitter as well. It also has an iridescent glitter added to it. The colors in this polish work VERY well together and it is absolutely gorgeous on. Matte glitter polishes are all the rage now! We are sooo in LOOOVVVEEE with this polish!!!! It looks great alone (see the swatch up above) with 2 to 3 coats of polish. Just for your info...we fished for 2 daisies to put on this nail swatch! 1 came out on its own. You will most likely never get 3 daisies on each nail! You will have to fish for most of the daisies, which is the case with most larger glitters."

I did not have to fish for the glitters, there were plenty ;)

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures!

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