Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jade Hypnose / LOTD

Jade Hypnose
Jade Holographics are my favorite holos of all!
I say this because of a few things. The price is about $7 a bottle, the application is easy, top coat does not dull the holographic effect. You do not need a base coat. These pictures show just 2 coats! Also, I have had this manicure on for 3, almost 4 days and just some tip wear with no top coat! I am just in awe of this polish. It is in my top 5 favorite polishes.
Please view below for more pictures.
I received this polish in a swap with a friend. 
But, you can also try 


In the shade

Direct sun
You can see minor tip wear after a couple days

Sun shot 

Sun close up

Urban Decay Ace and Vanilla with silver glitter accent.


  1. I need to buy this one! I have 2 Jade's which were my first holos and I love them!

    1. Tishana, yes you do sweetie. This will not disappoint :)