Monday, November 5, 2012

Color Club Berry and Bright / Hit Polish Sunset Beach / LOTD

Color Club Berry and Bright
Color Club Holiday 2012 Winter Affair Collection
I picked this up last week and I am very glad I did.
This gorgeous polish was opaque in 1 coat.
I did another coat before the pictures, just in case the flash showed something I did not see.
After it was dry it actually smelled like berries!
Berry and Bright is a reddish fuchsia burgundy color kind of sort of, lol.
I think of red velvet (the cloth material) when I look at my nails.
 Very pretty. Its a shimmery red foil type. I took a couple pictures with my camera phone below to show its true color.

Color Club Berry and Bright in the shade.
This is one coat.

Hit Polish Sunset Beach over Color Club Berry and Bright.
I added Sunset Beach, 2 coats afterwards. Easy to apply.
I then added 2 coats of top coat.
There are shredded, square and hexagon glitters in hot pink, yellow, orange, lavender and purple.
Well named.
You can buy Hit Polish on Etsy HERE.
I think she is getting ready to open back up at the end of the month for Black Friday.

Close up of Hits Polish Sunset Beach over Color Club Berry and Bright

Below is in the shade

Below is in the sun

Very plain, wasn't feeling very colorful today.
Lancome eyeshadows and eyeliner, Urban Decay mascara and a $1 store lip gloss.

My Kitty
Mr. Meow Meow <3
He is about to turn 1 this month :)