Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake

Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake
3 Coats
Hello! I have seen so many pretty swatches for Birthday Cake.
I was not able to acheive the same look.
Birthday Cake was, in my opinion, too full of glitter.
 I will try to put a base color of white next time and then layer over it.
Because of the amount of glitter, the base seemed a dingy white purple.
Maybe my batch has too much glitter,
or maybe I needed to roll my bottle around.

Less is more is better to me.

I think the name "Birthday Cake" fits it perfectly.

Maybe you could come up with a better swatch than me.

By the way, the bar glitter did not give me any issues.
They are a really nice Etsy shop. Great customer service.

Here are some more pictures...

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